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Ballistol X-Lube Chain Spray 100ml View larger

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Ballistol X-Lube Chain Spray 100ml


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Bike-X-Lube lubricates chain, cassette and sprocket in extreme conditions. It can also be used as a maintenance oil for the complete bike. Bike-X-Lube is lubricating, creeping, repells water from metallic surfaces and infiltrates moisture. It protects from rust, serves as a contact spray for electrical contacts (e-bikes) and prevents squeaking noises.

Thanks to its highly lubricating effect, Bike-X-Lube maintains the flexibility and preserves even in extremely wet and salty air. Bike-X-Lube protects from flash rust, corrosion and oxidization. For cleaning and removing grease, tar, flush rust and resins. Does not contain waxes, does not resinify and is not sticky. Without silicone and PTFE. 

Use: Shake well before use. Spray evenly on the inside of the clean chain. Wipe away excess oil

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